Combining Your Billiards and Dining Needs!

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A friend of mine asked me today why anyone would want to purchase a dining pool table. To me the answer was pretty obvious, but some of you might be thinking the same thing. I can understand why you would be asking this if you’re not a fan of pool, as you would have no interest or use for this unusual piece of furniture.

But for those of you who are fans, you might still think it’s strange to combine two different functions into one table. However, for many people, there just isn’t enough room in the house for two large tables. That’s the beauty of a dining pool table, which, as the name suggests, combines the family dining room table with a great-looking pool table.

One beautiful example is the Estate Dining/Billiard table by Thomas Aaron. It is a bit pricey at a little over $3000, but when you take into account the features you’re getting the price is not unreasonable. The dimensions of the table by the way, are 91.5 x 52.5 x 32.2, while the actual playing surface is 78 x 39. The company website describes this grand furniture piece as a 7 Slate Professional Pool Table in a Dark Cherry Finish.

This price includes four side chairs, though you can also purchase two arm chairs to fit the table for an additional cost. It’s unfortunate that you have to pay an extra fee above and beyond the $3000 (which is already a considerable price) to obtain the arm chairs. Even so, they add a really nice touch to this versatile furniture set.

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Think of the various ways you could use this product. You could use it as your primary dining room table if you wish, but it could also be an extra dining space, perhaps for when you have guests over and need an additional table and chairs for the meal. After your meal is over, you simply remove the dishes, clean the table gently, and quickly convert your dining space into a full game room with a pool table that exceeds the national billiards standards in the United States.

A more affordable option is the Berner Billiards Pool/Billiard Table Dining Conversion Top which comes in at just under $800. Now, this is a different system entirely from the dining room set above. The dining conversion top is placed above your existing billiards table to create a temporary conference table, buffet serving table, or dining room table. This piece is available in a 7 feet long model as well as an 8 feet long model. The available colors are mahogany and antique walnut. Be sure to check out the Berner models if you already have a billiards table and don’t wish to replace it with an expensive (though impressive) dining pool table.

Again, the Berner model is designed for existing pool tables, so you’ll have to provide your own chairs and make sure that your billiards table‚Äôs dimensions are suitable for seating and dining. Otherwise, you can still use this handy conversion top to create a temporary serving table, in addition to a variety of uses that we haven’t mentioned here.